Sabian - 16" SR2 Thin Crash

$104.99 - Sabian's SR2 Series are B20 Bronze Cast AA, HH, AAX, HHX, or Vault cymbals that have returned to the factory after a very short and stress free life. These cymbals have previously been used by at trade shows, played by endorsed artists, or have just been restocked for various reasons. Buying an SR2 is like going on a treasure hunt, you don't know exactly what you're getting but it'll be great.

The factory process to bring these cymbals back to the shelf is relatively basic. The original logos are removed, the cymbal is then re-lathed, and the SR2 stamp is put on the new cymbal. There are a few more steps in between those but as we all know, cymbal companies are notoriously hush hush about their process. The only noted difference between the cymbals are their diameter and weight (thin, medium, heavy) which just leaves you to guess which cymbal you are actually playing.

The SR2's are sold at a drastically reduced price for what is, for all intents and purposes, a brand new product. So take a gamble with the SR2 16" Thin Cymbal, you never know what high-quality product you could get.


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