Ibanez - Troubadour TH15II Acoustic Amp

The T15II features a closed-back cabinet with a 6.5in full range driver. The amp is equipped with dedicated guitar and microphone inputs, and the guitar input has a two-band EQ and a Chorus switch, giving the player an array of full-spectrum guitar tones. The T15II provides a great platform for performers to hone their skills or write their next great song.

- Output: 15W@6Ω
- Speaker: 6.5" Full Range
- Controls: Instrument Channel: Bass, Treble, Volume, Chorus On/Off Microphone Channel: Volume
- i/o's:1/4" Instrument Input, XLR Microphone Input, Aux Input
- Cabinet: Closed Back
- size (mm)235mm(W) x 210mm(D) x 218mm(H)
- Weight:3.15kg


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