Ibanez - RG421MSP Turqoise Sparkle

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Fast and Furious
Featuring a fast maple Wizard III neck and a maple fretboard with a 15.7" radius, the Ibanez Standard RG421MSP solidbody electric guitar is purpose-built for high-speed, low-drag playing. It all starts with a perfectly balanced RG meranti body, with generous cutaways for easy access to the entire fretboard. You'll love how this guitar feels as soon as you pick it up. And it sports two hot Quantum humbucking pickups, ideal for rock, blues, and metal. You want a guitar that won't hold you back.

Classic RG performance
The Ibanez RG series of guitars has remained a standard in rock music for the last couple of decades, thanks in large part to the effortless playability of its Wizard III neck. Switching between aggressive rhythm playing and fluid lead lines is effortless on this slim-profile neck.

Fixed bridge stability for rock-solid tuning
The Ibanez Standard RG421MSP sports a fixed bridge, which means no tuning hassles due to a floating vibrato. From standard to lowered tunings your guitar's tuning will be more stable and the string tension will feel looser. When you change tunings at a gig you'll be ready to rock without messing with the bridge or locking nuts.

Giant tonal range
With two Quantum humbucking pickups and 5-way switching, you'll be able to shape your tone any way you like on the Standard RG421MSP. With its aggressive visuals and high output, it will forever be known as a rock guitar, however, the Standard RG421MSP's fast playability and tonal variety make it a great instrument for almost any style.


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