Ibanez - AR325QA Dark Brown Sunburst

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Unique Look, with a Wide Tonal Range
Part of Ibanez's Artist series, the AR325QA has a feel and playability that will appeal to a wide range of players in every genre, and the versatile tone combined with quality construction and tonewoods adds up to a value-packed guitar. You get rich tone, sustain, and a classy look from an okoume body topped with quilted ash, while two Super 58 humbuckers with Tri-sound switches give the Ibanez AR325QA undeniable tonal tenacity.

Rich vintage tone from okoume and ash
The arched quilted ash top on the AR325QA looks beautiful, and with the gold hardware it puts out a classy vibe. But it also enhances the rich tonality and sustain of the okoume body, for a powerful sound that can be warm and soulful or aggressive and biting when you match it up with the appropriate amplifier.

Sonic flexibility from Tri-electronics
Each of the Super 58 Custom humbuckers on the AR325QA has a Tri-sound switch, which lets you choose between series, parallel, and coil tap operation. There's a lot of tonal territory to cover here, and you'll love exploring how each configuration sounds through your favorite amplifier.

3-piece neck is ultra-rigid for exceptional performance
Multi-ply necks are ultra-rigid, which means they can help transmit string energy to your guitar's body faster and better. The 3-piece maple neck on the AR325QA adds clarity and detail to your performance, which balances nicely with the richness and depth of the AR325QA's core tonality.


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